Monday, December 21, 2015

Few hunting videos

I've had extra time lately and have gotten the hunting bug again. I've been watching a few duck hunting videos and thought I'd summarize a few of the ones I've seen.

Rise and shine

400 or more mallards were spotted in a flooded bean field.

The hunters set decoys during the night.

Early in the morning, the hunters had a small camp setup. When day break came, they ducks came in and the hunters bagged quite a few. As day moved on, straggler ducks came in and the hunters were successful. The bagged more than 20 mallards that day.

The editing in the video is good, with commentary and music throughout. It's worth a watch.

Small water ducks

This video is done by The Grind Waterfall TV and is good.

A few hunters setup on a small water body in Idaho and Montana. they used over goose and mallard decoys, with most of them setup on the upwind side.

These hunters take turns shooting, which avoids excessive shooting and makes sure each hunter knows which duck they shot.

They also did not shoot into big flocks to keep them around longer.

Mass attack

This video is of a duck hunt in a small water hole in Canada, specifically northern Sasakatchwan.

There are at least seven hunters, who bag 64 ducks in 15 minutes. That's a lot birds, taken quick!

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