Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Thinking about a new car project

It's been awhile since I published on here, but the winter doldrums have already started. I need a new project. I've been scouring craigslist for a candidate to build into a cool car.

Haven't found anything that I really like yet, and I thought I'd throw some ideas out about possible vehicles and builds.


I've really wanted one of 3rd generation Fox body Mustangs, especially from the 1987–1993 era. (I've never owned a Ford. Always been in the GM/Chevy camp but want to expand my horizons.)

That generation of Mustangs has always allured to me, though. I think it's got to do with comparing it to the 3rd generation Camaros I've had.

Anyhow, the ones I've found for sale are either gutted, rusted out rollers, or automatics. I won't drive an auto. I have standards.

A roller would be ideal. I could do an engine build and aim for an 11-second car that drives reliably on the street.

Then, I think about all the newer sports cars out there and begin to realize that it may be better just to get one of those rather than spend money on polishing a turd, more or less.

Newer model sports cars tend to be faster, turn better, and, frankly, have a much better cockpit than older cars. That set me searching for a newer model roller that was damaged.

I did come across a 2013 Challenger. (Those Hellcat's are freaking amazing.) This Challenger was in a fire, had no title, motor, and the interior was burned. It would have been a great drag car project.

Unfortunately, I could not justify the cost of such a heavy car as a track vehicle or one that probably won't hook up well with a lot of horsepower.

(Check out Roadkill's shoot-out with Hellcats to see what I mean.)

If I'm going to spend bucks building a race only ride, I want something that has a weight advantage from the start.

I've come across a couple cool rat rod projects. One of them was an old Ford Supervan.

The patina on the body looked good, but I don't think I would have done it justice. I saw a wheely-popping truck, which probably was not for the best.

Besides, I did not like the van concept. I'd rather have a sports car or one that has a tight cockpit.

I remember seeing a wicked diesel truck on youtube. I added it below because it super cool.

Because I've owned Jeeps for years, I did look at getting a CJ, which needed new floors. It would have given me a good reason to use my MIG welder, which I researched here but have yet to use it on a dedicated project yet.

There's nothing cooler than a lifted Jeep, but I could not justify another 4x4 in the driveway. I don't live in a location that justifies four wheeling easily, either.

I'd rather have a fast ride or one that just looks gnarly.

Probably best to keep searching for the right vehicle. I'm sure I'll find it eventually or I get stir-crazy, buy something random, and just use creativity to make it into something goofy.

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